Becoming a Wagner

Grades: 4-5


Students will examine the experiences of the Wagner family in order to understand early Florida pioneer life by creating an interactive timeline of the events that would have taken place during the pioneer settlement process. They will also role-play four different vignettes from pioneer life. Students will consider the following questions: What was life like for Florida’s earliest pioneers during the early 1800s? How has Lummus Park preserved the history of Florida’s earliest pioneers?


  • Create an interactive timeline in the form of a “How-to-Guide”.
  • Role-play four different vignettes from pioneer life.
  • Write a persuasive letter from the perspective of William Wagner to family in Charleston convincing them to move to Miami.

Duration: 3 hours

Site: Lummus Park

404 NW 3rd St

Miami, FL 33128

Aligned Standards:

4th Grade: SS.4.A.1.1, SS.4.A.1.2, SS.4.A.4.2, SS.4.A.9.1

5th Grade: SS.5.A.1.1, SS.5.A.1.2, SS.5.A.6.6, SS.5.A.6.9