From Past to Present in the Park

Grades: K-3


Students will understand how modern day life is similar to and different from pioneer life by creating a timeline that shows how buildings have changed over time and playing a game that shows how people have changed over time. They will consider the following questions: How is modern day life similar to and different from life in the past? How has Lummus Park preserved the history of the past in the present day?


  • Create a timeline using pictures and sequencing words that shows how the function of Fort Dallas has changed over time.
  • Interactive matching game that compares pioneer life to modern-day life.
  • Write two separate diary entries—one as a pioneer in 1860 and one as a student in 2017.

Duration: 3 hours

Site: Lummus Park

404 NW 3rd St

Miami, FL 33128

Aligned Standards:

Kindergarten: SS.K.A.1.1, SS.K.A.1.2, SS.K.A.2.1, SS.K.A.3.1

1st Grade: SS.1.A.1.1, SS.1.A.2.2, SS.1.A.3.1, SS.1.A.3.2

2nd Grade: SS.2.A.1.1, SS.2.A.2.4, SS.2.A.3.1

3rd Grade: SS.3.A.1