D. A Dorsey House

250 NW 9th Street
Year Built: circa 1913

Dana A. Dorsey helped organize South Florida’s first black bank and amassed a real estate empire while developing Overtown, the center of Miami’s historic African-American community.

The Dorsey House was locally designated as historic in 1983 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.  Currently, the building is vacant and unattended.

Dorsey Library

100 NW 17th Street
Year Built: 1941

Designed by architects Paist and Steward, the Dorsey Library was constructed for the use of the children and families of the Overtown neighborhood. The building, designated historic in 2003, has been abandoned and decaying for many years. City owned and is undergoing assessment and documentation of existing conditions by architecture firm MC Harry & Associates. Good news – restoration is scheduled to start within weeks!

X-Ray Clinic

171 NW 11th Street
Year Built: 1939

The X-Ray Clinic served as the office of Dr. Samuel H. Johnson, South Florida’s first African-American radiologist. At the time of construction, Johnson built his clinic because black residents were not allowed to use the x-ray facilities at Miami’s City Hospital. A mechanical drawing instructor at Booker T. Washington High School, identified only as “Mr. Barker,” created the plans for this small Streamline Moderne building. The building was designated in 1984 and is in severe disrepair.